The Editors: CURA. magazine ’s Ilaria Marotta & Andrea Baccin on their passion for art and Rome

Scan any art newsstand and your eyes will be sure to lock onto the latest issue of CURA. Magazine with its striking cover of artworks by international emerging and established artists. Founded by Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin in 2009, CURA. has fast become the art crowd’s favorite read thanks to its commitment to the […]

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The Editors: Andrew Trotter of OPENHOUSE Magazine on Barcelona & Approaching Magazine Aesthetics

OPENHOUSE is a bi-annual, multi-lingual magazine conceived by the Barcelona-based pair Andrew Trotter and Mari Luz Vidal. The magazine’s ethos is cemented by people who exhibit their homes and spaces and welcome the public in for experiences centred around food, art, design and community. At Melting Butter, we admire the magazine for its role as […]

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The Editors: Ala CHAMP Magazine ’s Joanna & Monique Kawecki Find a Global Perspective in Tokyo & London


True champions of creative culture, twin sisters Joanna & Monique Kawecki are the founding editors of Ala CHAMP Magazine one of the edgiest publications sitting on newsstands right now. Here at Melting Butter, we see Champ Magazine as the essential culture handbook for curious global creatives who make it their business to know about what’s […]

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The Editors: Frederik Frede of Freunde von Fruenden on Berlin and Creativity

Frederik Frede is founder and creative director of online publication Freunde von Freunden, translating to friends of friends. Since launching in 2009, FvF has documented the lifestyles of international creatives and the spaces they live and work in, via captivating interviews and big, beautiful photography. Things moved quickly and by 2011, they’d published their first […]

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The Editors: i-D’s Lynette Nylander on Fashion & London

The Editors | Lynette Nylander | i-D Magazine | London, England |

It’s 9am on a Monday morning when I call Lynette Nylander in London. She’s been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and is getting ready for work, styling an outfit around a new Vetements jacket. She’s the deputy editor of i-D, the seminal British magazine that has been at the forefront of fashion, art, music and contemporary […]

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The Editors: Jo Walker of frankie on Melbourne & the Future of Print

Jo Walker - The Editors Feature -

Jo Walker, editor of Melbourne-based magazine frankie, radiates the kind of vibe that reflects the publication she edits. Her laughter is deep; her passion is evident; and even her profanity – fittingly; in the Australian way – is eloquent. Starting out as a freelance writer for the magazine in 2004, Walker became editor in 2007. […]

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The Editors: Rosa Park on Why Cereal Magazine Calls Bath, England Home

The Editors | Rosa Park | Cereal Magazine | Bath, England |

Ethereal and striking are unmistakable hallmarks of Cereal Magazine. Founders Rosa Park and Rich Stapleton have created a cultural icon with their poised, trademark white-washed images, and their thoughtful stories. No other magazine represents the generational shift towards aesthetically driven content better than Cereal. We had the honour to chat with Rosa about the majesty […]

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he Editors - Ryan Fitzgibbon - Hello Mr -

In the first of a new series introducing the editors behind some of our favorite publications and their pet local hotspots, we talk to Ryan Fitzgibbon, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of independent gay magazine Hello Mr.  The status quo for the LGBT community in both America and on the global stage is very different today to […]

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The Editors: Vancouver with Inventory Magazine’s Ryan Willms

Vancouver City Guide_Inventory Magazine Ryan Willms -

While the idea of cataloging items, in theory, seems like a wearisome act, Inventory is anything but. In 2006, Victoria native Ryan Willms began his foray into the online realm and started h(y)r collective, a blog which he used as a means to build a body of copywriting work and chronicle the things he admired. Three […]

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The Editors: Jack Milenkovic of Belle Magazine on Where To Satisfy Your Design Fix In Sydney

Jack Milenkovic | Belle Magazine | Sydney Design Guide

(This Sydney Design Guide by Jenny Nguyen-Barron first appeared in ForbesLife. Click here to read the original article) Scandinavian design has long been a favorite aesthetic style amongst contemporary design aficionados and savvy home decorators alike. It’s elegant symmetry and its capacity to communicate quality and craftsmanship through design are just some of the reasons why […]

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