Concept Store Find: Modern Society London

000. Modern Society London- - Concept Store Find 2

Modern Society London is a minimalist cafe and thoughtfully edited contemporary concept store, all housed under one roof. Following a valuable job in finance, Nazifa Movsoumova, the young founder of Modern Society, set off to travel the world, launch a series of global pop-ups, sought out creative inspiration from artists, photographers and designers and started […]

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Cool Shop Find: Alex Eagle Studio London

Alex Eagle’s eponymous studio store in London’s SoHo offers additions to all aspects of a shopper’s life, edited under the discerning eye of creative director Alex Eagle. This store offers shoppers a curated selection that goes far beyond fashion, with objects to compliment any sophisticated home, art or music collection. Shoppers can browse through racks […]

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Cool Shop Find: The Primary Essentials NYC

The Primary Essentials NYC - shopping Hotspot

Aptly named The Primary Essentials, this specialty home wares store is a treasure trove worth seeking out. Inside, you’ll find yourself drawn to the long wooden table in the center of the shop housing an array of meticulously curated products, from quintessential candles and ceramics to notable books, stationery and magazines. Every product has been […]

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Wagashi Shop Find: HIGASHIYA Man Tokyo

Higashiya Man Tokyo - Wagashi Shop Hotspot

HIGASHIYA shops are all over the city, but the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hole in the wall HIGASHIYA Man is worth finding. The size of some walk-in closets, here you’ll find some of the city’s most delicious Japanese sweets. Fresh Manjū (steamed buns filled with bean jam) are the headliner taking center stage as they’re freshly steamed in […]

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Concept Store Find: Clerkenwell London

Clerkenwell London - Shopping Hotspot

Warning: you could wile away an entire day in this engaging labyrinth. Clerkenwell London opened its doors in September 2015 – absorbing the essence of its location to curate a space that produces an intellectual energy and a lingering education of style. Throughout the extensive space, there are strong undertones through materiality with each area gaining […]

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Cool Shop Find: Gathershop Amsterdam

Gathershop Amsterdam - Shopping Hotspot

Nestled amongst the on-trend juice bars and artisanal burger joints of Amsterdam’s ever-up-and-coming Van Woustraat, there’s a wonderous haven of delicate, hand-made treats gathered from all across the globe. Gathershop believes in the unique value of simple things and the recognition of thoughtful craftsmanship. It’s a concept store that provides an antidote to the commonplace […]

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Café Find: Cafe Kitsune Tokyo

Cafe Kitsune Tokyo - Cafe Hotspot

French label Maison Kitsune knows a thing or two about style. So it should come as no surprise that their cafe offshoot is filled with stylish sorts, and lots of cozy Instagram-worthy nooks for sipping iced matcha. Just next door to their Aoyama shop, Cafe Kitsune is popular with locals and tourists alike who nibble […]

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Café & Concept Store Find: Saturdays Surf Tokyo

Saturdays Surf Tokyo - Concept Store Hotspot

With its fashion-forward tilt and high energy pace, it’s easy to forget that Tokyo is a big city island where waves at Chiba and Kamakura are just a short train ride away. Enter Saturdays Surf.  Located on the main drag of trendy Daikanyama, Saturdays Surf Tokyo is a bright open reminder that the surf lifestyle […]

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Cool Shop Find: The Game Designstore Brussels

The Game Designstore Brussels - Shopping Hotspot

Situated on a busy street in central Brussels is The Game Designstore, a brightly lit white showroom space tastefully adorned with a curated collection of candy colored contemporary design objects for the modern home. Local aesthetes can enjoy shopping in what feels more like the environs of a design museum than a standard home design […]

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Lifestyle Store Find: Hunting And Collecting Brussels

Hunting and Collecting Brussels - Shopping Hotspot

Feeding the desire of today’s ultra-selective, globally influenced and information hungry city folk is no easy task. But for Brusselaars in this community who crave the cutting edge, Hunting and Collecting, a whitewashed 300 sq. meter retail space in the city’s downtown fashion district has been developed to cater for this exact audience. Footwear, accessories, […]

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