The Curators: East L.A. With Naomi Wilding & Anthony Cran of Wilding Cran Gallery

The Curators - Naomi Wilding Anthony Cran - Wilding Cran Gallery -

“We’re thinking about putting on an annual exhibition where we invite a group of artists from another city to L.A. and see how it informs their practice”, Naomi and Anthony disclose in their enviable art-filled office as gallery dog Lou circles the desks. “It would be very relevant at this moment in time when there’s […]

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Concept Store Find: Please Do Not Enter Los Angeles

Please Do Not Enter Los Angeles | Shopping Hotspot2

In deep and darkest Downtown Los Angeles, or so the Westside would have you believe, resides the tallest and brightest concept store in the city. Perched on the twelfth floor in the historic Pacific Mutual Building on Pershing Square, little will prepare visitors to the light-filled boutique-cum-gallery. Glass partitions and polished concrete frame the collection […]

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