Olya Kosterina’s “Pacific Coast Hwy Season” for memory inducing vibrations | June Spotify Playlist

Olya Kosterina's Pacific Coast Hwy Season for memory inducing vibrations | June Spotify Playlist - meltingbutter.com Features

Each month on Melting Butter, a new Spotify playlist gets published with a tightly edited selection of the best new and classic tracks geared towards listeners with a sophisticated ear. To get notified as soon as they are released, make sure you subscribe to Twitter or Facebook. For many, Los Angeles evokes the kind of memory of feeling like […]

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Restaurant Find: The Springs LA

The Springs LA - meltingbutter.com - Restauraunt Hotspot

Little of Downtown Los Angeles lends itself to the SoCal aesthetic that is so synonymous on the Westside of the city. The landscape is urban and industrial – where the shadows of palm trees are not of real palms at all, but of cellphone towers in disguise. However dig a little deeper amongst the warehouses […]

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Italian Restaurant Find: Bestia LA

Bestia LA - meltingbutter.com Restaurany Hotspot (1)

Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis aren’t just people with exotic, cool sounding names; they’re also the powerhouses behind LA’s Bestia, a progressive, multi-regional rustic Italian restaurant housed in a converted warehouse in Downtown LA’s far eastern edge. Their ‘from scratch’ approach has resulted in the most authentic ‘clean-up rustic’ (coined by Menashe himself) Italian food […]

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The Curators: East L.A. With Naomi Wilding & Anthony Cran of Wilding Cran Gallery

The Curators - Naomi Wilding Anthony Cran - Wilding Cran Gallery - meltingbutter.com

“We’re thinking about putting on an annual exhibition where we invite a group of artists from another city to L.A. and see how it informs their practice”, Naomi and Anthony disclose in their enviable art-filled office as gallery dog Lou circles the desks. “It would be very relevant at this moment in time when there’s […]

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Vintage Shopping Find: Big Daddy’s Antiques LA

Big Daddy's Antiques LA - meltingbutter.com Shopping Hotspot

Enter Big Daddy’s Antiques; a vintage interiors concept store tucked away on an industrial back street in Culver City and you’ll become giddy with excitement just like a kid in a candy store. Only that kid is you (a vintage aficionado) and that candy store is a 20,000 square foot, one-of-a-kind superstore filled with beautifully […]

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Restaurant Find: Cassia LA

Cassia LA - meltingbutter.com Restaurant Hotspot

Cassia, a modern French brasserie-style restaurant serving up Southeast-Asian food has been meticulously designed from what was once the Santa Monica Telephone building, a 1937 Art Deco landmark. This may sound like a bizarre mishmash for some, but it’s a concept that’s taking LA’s west side by storm. The brainchild of two of LA’s most beloved culinary couples […]

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The Curators: Depart Foundation ’s Valeria Sorci on culture & La Dolce Vita in LA

LA City Guide_Depart Foundation Valeria Sorci | meltingbutter.com_Valeria Sorci

On welcoming me into her West Hollywood home, it’s clear Valeria Sorci has acclimatised effortlessly to her new Los Angeles lifestyle. Relocating with her husband and two children from Rome a year ago to the beautiful Baxter-Hodiak House – designed by architect John Lautner for the actress, Anne Baxter – Sorci has embraced the ‘LA’ […]

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The Curators: DTLA Through The Eyes of Vanguard Concept Store Please Do Not Enter

DTLA Guide_Please Do Not Tell | meltingbutter.com Downtown LA City Guide

As Nicolas Libert guides me through the boutique-cum-gallery he founded with Emmanuel Renoird in Downtown Los Angeles, he recounts an anecdote: “when we first opened last year we were expecting a delivery. We waited and waited and realised the courier had in fact attempted the delivery; he read the name of the space – Please […]

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Concept Store Find: Please Do Not Enter Los Angeles

Please Do Not Enter Los Angeles | meltingbutter.com Shopping Hotspot2

In deep and darkest Downtown Los Angeles, or so the Westside would have you believe, resides the tallest and brightest concept store in the city. Perched on the twelfth floor in the historic Pacific Mutual Building on Pershing Square, little will prepare visitors to the light-filled boutique-cum-gallery. Glass partitions and polished concrete frame the collection […]

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The Curators: A guide to Downtown LA for the aesthetically inclined

The Curators: A guide to Downtown LA for the aesthetically inclined | meltingbutter.com

It’s a safe bet to say that if you’re reading Melting Butter you’re likely a prolific explorer; traveller and probably to some extent, rather aesthetically inclined. If I’m right, you’re a lot like me so I’m pretty sure this app I’m going to tell you about will make your eyes smile. Whenever I travel I […]

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