Restaurant Find: Tuome NYC

Tuome NYC Restaurant Hotspot

Asian fusion restaurants are a dime a dozen in Manhattan, with Eastern-inspired eateries popping up all over the city. Whether it’s a mishmash of Korean and Mexican flavors stuffed into a burrito, or a hybrid of traditional Western dishes peppered with Thai spices, it’s safe to say that ‘East meets West’ is most certainly here […]

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Restaurant Find: Oiji NYC

Oiji NYC - - Restaurant Hotspot

Some restaurants seem to just get it. They know exactly we’re looking for in a dining experience, and they give it to us every time. Oiji NYC, a self proclaimed “refined authentic Korean” restaurant in the East Village, is one of those restaurants. It’s casual enough to pop in on a Monday after work, yet […]

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Restaurant Find: Ruffian Wine Bar NYC

Ruffian Wine Bar NYC - Bar Hotspot

Wine bars in New York City’s East Village are a dime a dozen, though at Ruffian Wine Bar, there’s more than meets the eye. Simple and nondescript from the outside, warm and cozy on the inside – this 400 square foot space operates as a bar and restaurant, with dishes being prepared at the counter […]

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Restaurant Find: Kura NYC

Kura NYC - Restaurant Hotspot

Whether you’ve eaten sushi in Japan and experienced the pain of being unable to find such quality sushi in the US at an affordable price or not, Kura is a welcomed surprise on St. Marks Place. If you have eaten in Japan, you’ll recognize familiar elements even before the meal begins. The lack of signage […]

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Restaurant Find: Sushi Dojo NYC

Sushi Dojo NYC - Restaurant Hotspot

If you read Melting Butter, you’ll know that we only bring you restaurants that tick all the boxes – great food, great ambience, wow-worthy interiors, cool people and that certain je ne sais quoi that makes you want to spread the word about where you’ve just eaten. But sometimes we bend the rules and make […]

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Shopping Find: Nalata Nalata NYC

Nalata Nalata NYC | Shopping Hotspot

Contemporary interior buffs, we dare you to walk past Nalata Nalata’s understated East Village storefront and resist pressing your face up against the window and eventually leaving with one of the store’s impeccably selected home décor products. Nalata Nalata is a highly considered home wares store that endeavors to shine a spotlight on its makers […]

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Plant Boutique Find: Green Fingers NYC

Green Fingers NYC | Shopping Hotspot

The first stateside outpost from cult Japanese plant artist Satoshi Kawamoto can be found on a quiet stretch in the East Village. The quaint space exudes Kawamoto’s signature aesthetic (best described as a thoughtful blend of unique plants, antiques and typography bringing influence from both heritage and wabi-sabi style) and functions as a plant store, […]

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Thai Restaurant Find: Somtum Der NYC

Somtum Der NYC | Restaurant Hotspot_Tum Thai Kai Kem

Somtum Der, the Bangkok restaurant transplant, is serving New Yorkers in search of proper Thai food with the most flavorsome Isan cuisine in the city. Think of Somtum Der as the fresher, more authentic cousin of Uncle Boons and the slightly more considered and vibrant friend of Zabb Elee. Either way, you know it’s going […]

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Fantasy Restaurants: Nicole Franzen’s Best of NYC

Nicole Franzen NYC Restaurant Guide

Clean, classic, minimalistic, with a mixture of old and new – these are not only the eye-pleasing things we’re constantly searching for at Melting Butter – they’re what we’ve found in our latest city curator and major Insta-crush Nicole Franzen. A Brooklyn-based food, lifestyle and travel photographer, Nicole’s work has built a cult following of […]

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Dumpling House Find: Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings NYC

Mimi Cheng's Dumplings NYC | Melting Butter Food Hotspot

Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings NYC is a dumpling house owned by 20-something year old sisters Hannah and Marian Cheng who are turning out the freshest, lightest homemade dumplings in the city. You won’t find any dirty dumplings at Mimi Cheng’s – only clean healthy ones made from their mother’s secret recipe using pasture-raised meat from Fleishers […]

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