Restaurant Find: Bills Ginza Tokyo


Bill Granger, Australia’s breakfast darling (and long time Melting Butter pick) goes upscale with his fourth Tokyo outpost. Situated on the top floor of new Ginza landmark Okura House in one of Tokyo’s most upscale neighborhoods, Bills Ginza marks a decided step up from breakfast spot with a sunny disposition to a grown up, chic […]

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Restaurant Find: Granger & Co London Clerkenwell

Granger & Co London | Restaurant Hotspot

Clerkenwell is a brunch-seeker’s dream, with a multitude of trendy spots serving this leisurely weekend meal. Granger & Co is one such venue, and it’s a great place to have in your little black book. Australian chef Bill Granger takes huge joy in good, fresh dishes made with seasonal ingredients, and this is channeled into […]

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Sydney City guide: 11 restaurants that give Melbourne a run for her money


Not to rub it in, but I’m feeling pretty refreshed (and even a little tanned!) after a nice holiday in Australia for the last couple weeks. Normally on a trip all the way out to Australia I’ll always spend a good amount of time with my first city love, Melbourne but this time I cheated […]

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Seafood & Chorizo Paella for an easy impromptu dinner party

Paella probably isn’t the dish that comes to mind when you’re having an impromptu dinner party, but it should be. I can understand why you would first look at a pan of paella so beautifully decorated with shellfish, with its brilliant colours and immediately put it in the ‘too hard’ basket but this dish is […]

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Team effort = delicious citrus risotto with garlic chilli prawns

There are some common themes I’ve noticed in my kitchen since I started this food blog – cold food and dinner guests. Cold food because it takes time for Mikee to get a blog-worthy photograph and dinner guests because, well, the food, the company and the fun. Abry, Isaac, Jermaine and Elise came over for […]

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Caramelised chicken: Proof that white boys can cook Asian food

On tonight’s menu is an old favourite of mine from Bill Granger’s Open Kitchen – caramel chicken. This dish is such a yummy gooey combination of brown sugar, dark soy and fish sauce that beautifully caramelises the red onion. I always at least double the amount of red onion – trust me, you will thank […]

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Prawn skewers with rice salad remind me of home…

…not my family’s home, because braised pork belly hot-pot would remind me of that, I mean home as in Australia. This dish embodies Australian cooking to me – the taste of the sea, the freshness of lemon zest and the fusion of Mediterranean and Asian flavours. Every time I cook this dish, I am transported […]

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