Restaurant Find: Atlas Melbourne

Newly opened Atlas Dining in Melbourne’s south side is helmed by one seriously talented young chef. At just twenty-two, Charlie Carrington has become the youngest chef in history to be awarded a Hat, Australia’s Michelin star, and he’s just getting started. Inspired by a nine-month trip around the world while interning in some of the world’s best kitchens, Charlie decided to open a restaurant based on a constantly changing menu. Every two months Charlie will travel to a new country and dive head first into its culinary culture, piecing together a new menu for Atlas throughout his trip.

Atlas’s current menu highlights Vietnamese food from southern Vietnam and his next menu will offer Israeli cuisine. Charlie’s food hits all the right notes; it’s well balanced and the tasting menu is incredible value for the money. All of the food served is touched by the fire in some way which speaks to Charlie’s time spent at Firedoor Australia. The restaurant’s design is minimal, yet warm and inviting. The architects took design cues from the latitude and longitude lines of an atlas and incorporated them into every aspect of the space.

Charlie’s success at twenty-two was achieved through sheer drive. Not exactly a stellar student, Charlie dropped out of school in the 10th grade against the will of his parents. Soon after, by the age of 15, he was interning in Gordan Ramsey’s kitchen and has since worked for some pretty notable chefs including Corey Campbell previously of Noma, who hired him “because of his passion, not because of his skills”.

Atlas Melbourne
133 Commercial Rd
South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia
+61 3 9826 2621

Tara Lange | Melting Butter ContributorTara is Travel Editor at Est Magazine and regular contributor to Trendland. A New York native, minimalist and wearer of black, Tara’s happiest when traveling and eating so she can be packed and ready to travel in under an hour. She was a French aristocrat in a past life.

(All photos courtesy of Atlas Melbourne)

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