Quantic AKA Will Holland’s 1000 Watts US Tour Mixtape | September Spotify Playlist

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To celebrate the recent launch of his latest album 1000 Watts and the much-anticipated US tour, we asked the British producer, musician and bandleader Quantic (AKA Will Holland) to guest curate a playlist of tracks that he and his band plan to be vibing to on the road.

Here at Melting Butter Studios, we’ve been following Quantic’s career since the early 2000’s when he produced that fresh, innovative cross section of funk, soul and Afrobeat that was the Quantic Soul Orchestra. And today, with the release of 1000 Watts, the third album from the tropical reggae- and dub-infused Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno project, we see the musical explorer Will “Quantic” Holland making a determined foray into the pure reggae-roots territory, keeping flashes of Holland’s authentic Colombian influences and adding flavours from collaborators like Jamaican dub legend U-Roy, Alice Russell, Hollie Cook, Christopher Ellis; the late, great keyboard maestro Ikey Owens; and legendary Jamaican drummer Santa Davis, best known for his work with the likes of Bob Marley and The Aggravators.

As temps decline, you’d think there’s nothing better than listening to this sun-drenched record bursting with quality musicianship and charged with atmosphere. But snap up a ticket in a city near you to see Quantic and his collaborators perform live and trust us; you’ll be blown away.


Please enjoy, and happy September from Melting Butter Studios



September Spotify Playlist “1000 Watts” US Tour Mixtape curated by Quantic AKA Will Holland

  1. Me and My Friends – All That Is You
  2. Jimetta Rose – Skyscrapers
  3. Michael Kiwanuka – Black Man In A White World
  4. Antonio Sanches – Pinta Manta
  5. Quantic – Meet Me At The Pomegranate Tree
  6. Ocote Soul Sounds – Not Yet (feat. Quantic)
  7. The New Mastersounds – Made for Pleasure
  8. Bennis Cletin – Jungle Magic
  10. Izem – Agua Viva
  11. Romare – Who Loves You?
  12. Quantic; Flowering Inferno – Dusk
  13. Mavis John – Use My Body
  14. Quantic; Nidia Gongora – Ñanguita
  15. Rodrigo Amarante – Tardei

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