CEPA Contemporary Photography Visual Arts Buffalo01 - meltingbutter.com Art Find_Jonathan Velardi

Art Find: CEPA Gallery Buffalo

Light, camera and architecture are on the billing when visiting Buffalo’s dedicated center for photography and visual arts. Loca. Read more

Magazine Café Find: Kioskafé London

Kioskafé combines three great things well: coffee, magazines, and great design. It’s from the team behind Monocle, the inte. Read more

Best of 2015 Playlist | Anderson .Paak, Kendrick Lamar, Jamie Woon, Thundercat and Erykah Badu - meltingbutter.com Music

Best of 2015 Playlist | Anderson. Paak, Kendrick Lamar, Jamie Woon, Thundercat, Erykah Badu & More

Each month on Melting Butter, Spotify playlists get posted with a tightly edited selection of the best new and classic tracks gea. Read more

Mammouth Brussels - meltingbutter.com Lunch Hotspot

Café Find: Mammouth Brussels

If you happen to be stuck during lunchtime somewhere near Brussels Midi station (an area better known for Starbucks cafés and Ibi. Read more

Wavery Inn NYC | Melting Butter Restaurant Hotspot

Restaurant Find: Waverly Inn NYC

Situated on a quaint tree-lined street in NYC’s West Village is a cherry-bricked 1830s townhouse accommodating Waverly Inn, a ti. Read more

Hunting and Collecting Brussels - meltingbutter.com Shopping Hotspot

Lifestyle Store Find: Hunting And Collecting Brussels

Feeding the desire of today’s ultra-selective, globally influenced and information hungry city folk is no easy task. But for Bru. Read more

Bestia LA - meltingbutter.com Restaurany Hotspot (1)

Italian Restaurant Find: Bestia LA

Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis aren’t just people with exotic, cool sounding names; they’re also the powerhouses behind LA. Read more

Kansas City Shuffle - meltingbutter.com Cafe Hotspot

Café Restaurant Bar Find: Kansas City Shuffle Sydney

With a name inspired by the meta-con of being tricked while being tricked, Kansas City Shuffle surely ought to have some funny bus. Read more

Elementary Store London - meltingbutter.com Shopping Hotspot

Interior Design Find: ELEMENTARY Store London

The striking coloured cowhide commanding ELEMENTARY Store’s shop front lures you into a space that pays homage to functional, si. Read more

The Leopard NYC - meltingbutter.com Restaurant Hotspot

Restaurant Find: The Leopard NYC

With a few renowned restaurants under their belt, the owners of Midtown West institution Il Gattopardo opened The Leopard at des . Read more

Judd Foundation NYC, 101 Spring Street NYC - meltingbutter.com Arts Hotspot

Art Hotspot: Judd Foundation NYC, 101 Spring Street

For the minimalist art and design enthusiast Donald Judd’s former home and studio is the ultimate art experience in NYC’s Soho. Read more

Mamasan Surry Hills- meltingbutter.com Restaurant Hotspot

Sydney Restaurant Find: Mamasan Surry Hills

Two sparks of living, laughing electricity (and that is, to be clear, no exaggeration), owners Gemma Lin and Adam Hunt have infuse. Read more

Yakiniku Futago NYC - meltingbutter.com Restaurant Hotspot

Restaurant Find: Yakiniku Futago NYC

Yakiniku Futago is not your run-of-the-mill Japanese barbecue. Firstly, it’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hole in the wall, tuck. Read more

North Bondi Fish - meltingbutter.com

Restaurant Café Find: North Bondi Fish Sydney

Perched on the base of Ramsgate Avenue, opposite the effervescent waves, surfers and other quintessential mainstays of Bondi Beach. Read more

The Curators - Naomi Wilding Anthony Cran - Wilding Cran Gallery - meltingbutter.com

The Curators: East L.A. With Naomi Wilding & Anthony Cran of Wilding Cran Gallery

“We’re thinking about putting on an annual exhibition where we invite a group of artists from another city to L.A. and see how. Read more

Mr. Fongs NYC - meltingbutter.com Bar Hotspot

Bar Find: Mr. Fong’s NYC

Situated directly underneath the Manhattan Bridge in NYC’s Chinatown is Mr Fong’s, a laid back new watering hole that hark. Read more

Dudleys NYC - meltingbutter.com Cafe Hotspot

Café Find: Dudleys NYC

I used to think Dudleys was just another long wait on a Sunday morning for an avo toast, flat white, and kale caesar with optional. Read more

Goodhood London - meltingbutter.com Shopping Hotspot

Lifestyle Store Find: Goodhood London

Located in the epicentre of Shoreditch, The Goodhood Store is home to a genuinely curated selection of fashion, cosmetics and li. Read more

Mast Brothers Chocolate London - meltingbutter.com Shopping Hotspot

Chocolatier Find: Mast Brothers Chocolate London

The Brooklyn-based chocolate makers chose the perfect location for their London home on stylish, eclectic Redchurch Street. Openin. Read more

Christian Wijnants Antwerp Flagship - meltingbutter.com Shopping Hotspot

Boutique Find: Christian Wijnants Antwerp Flagship

In Antwerp, you can’t swing a chic calfskin handbag without bumping into a painfully stylish designer flagship– it is, as they. Read more