NOMA: 2010 World’s best restaurant serves shitty carrots

That’s right, I heard it straight from the horses’ mouth – Rene Redzepi, owner of NOMA, the best restaurant in the WORLD acc. Read more

Momofuku: fusion without the confusion

I’ll admit it, I’m a Momofuku groupie. I know, there must be thousands of them around the world planning the next time they ca. Read more

Eataly is Disneyland for foodies

Any buyer’s remorse I was harbouring from my iPad purchase disappeared when I downloaded the Gourmet Live application. If you ha. Read more

Counter space: design & the modern kitchen – A welcome surprise during my visit to MoMA

A trip to New York always means a trip to MoMA, which could easily be my favourite art museum and also my ideal New York apartment. Read more

Stumptown: Leading America’s new wave of hat-wearing, beard-having, coffee enthusiasts

The last time I was in New York for work, I planned to begin my first day the same way I would start my days in Melbourne, with a . Read more

Team effort = delicious citrus risotto with garlic chilli prawns

There are some common themes I’ve noticed in my kitchen since I started this food blog – cold food and dinner guests. Cold foo. Read more

Mikee Speciale: Lasagne alla Bolognese is worth the wait

It is 10pm and I am only just about to eat. Mikee’s debut into the blogosphere has been an epic one, which started since around . Read more

Double-stuffed tomatoes: First tomatoes, then yourself

Stuffed tomatoes today! If you’re wondering why I sound excited, you should try cooking them and you’ll understand. This dish . Read more

Caramelised chicken: Proof that white boys can cook Asian food

On tonight’s menu is an old favourite of mine from Bill Granger’s Open Kitchen – caramel chicken. This dish is such a yummy . Read more

Prawn skewers with rice salad remind me of home…

…not my family’s home, because braised pork belly hot-pot would remind me of that, I mean home as in Australia. This dish embo. Read more

Crispy lemongrass roasted salmon and a night with the BBC iPlayer

This recipe has become a favourite in my household… You know when you go through stages of cooking one dish at least once a week. Read more