Rio Restaurant Find: Bar do Mineiro

This was the source of my inspiration to cook Brazilian food. An old school bar where a local friend would take you if you were lu. Read more

Rio Hotspot Find: Galitos Grill |

Rio Restaurant Find: Galitos Grill

Ate here 3 times in 2 weeks and ordered the same thing every time – you would too if you tried it. Best bit: Grilled spring chic. Read more

Rio Hotspot Find: Sushi Leblon |

Rio Restaurant Find: Sushi Leblon

Believe the hype that Sushi Leblon has the best sushi in Rio but be prepared to line up for it. Best bit: The grilled asparagus so. Read more


Rio Restaurant Find: Via Sete

A bustling lunchtime pit-stop for healthy, gourmet, organic salads, wraps and burgers (without the bun). Best bit: Get a seat outs. Read more


Rio Restaurant Find: Porcao Brazilian BBQ

Starve yourself for at least a day before you eat here but you can expect to be rewarded with as much high quality meat as you can. Read more


Rio Restaurant Find: Market Ipanema Restaurant

The words “best lunch ever” were uttered as a result of the creative menu, fresh ingredients, young beautiful crowd and urban . Read more

The roasted vegetable tart that started it all

This roasted Mediterranean vegetable tart was the beginning of my latest cookbook obsession. The Yotam Ottolenghi Plenty book was . Read more

Crispy pork belly with apple sauce: A worthy mission

I learned something very interesting about the Dutch this weekend: that they don’t tend to appreciate roast pork with a good pie. Read more

A cocktail should do the trick…

OK, I am well aware that I have not written a blog post for over 6 months and this could be because I’m either lazy or in need o. Read more

Mum’s abalone & chicken congee is a trip down comfort lane

Congee is to comfort food as chicken soup is to comfort food. It’s a rice porridge that the rice eating nations of the world pre. Read more

Foodie detours of the Barossa Valley #1: Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop

A visit to Australia always means a visit to one of its countless wine regions and a visit to any wine region normally calls for v. Read more

Vietnamese broken rice: if it’s broke don’t fix it, eat it.

During my 3 weeks in Adelaide I had a mild twice-a-week obsession – broken rice and avocado smoothies at a Van Restaurant. This . Read more

Gaucho’s Argentinean Restaurant and everything you need to know about steak

Adelaide was the starting point of our Australian food odyssey and Gaucho’s was the first restaurant to grace the all-important . Read more

Curry night sides: citrusy carrot salad with herbs and toasted almonds

A few weeks back I held a curry night at my place to catch up with a bunch of friends before heading home to Australia for a somew. Read more

Hawarden Estate Farm Shop and the romantic side of chutney

One of the most beautiful aspects of a relationship is the sharing of food and food experiences, which ultimately influence each o. Read more

Crispy tiger prawns with honey and garlic sauce: A new household favourite

This was the first of what will be many times that I cook this dish – It was an instant hit in our household. The cornflour . Read more

Eataly inspired long fusilli with Italian sausages

During our visit to Eataly in New York, we ate a very memorable plate of fusilli with ragu. The fusilli was long like a long unrav. Read more

Seafood & Chorizo Paella for an easy impromptu dinner party

Paella probably isn’t the dish that comes to mind when you’re having an impromptu dinner party, but it should be. I can unders. Read more

Why chicken tikka masala is Britain’s no. 1 dish

When a dish is not considered to be authentic, like Chinese lemon chicken for example, is it right to say that it is inferior? I h. Read more

Mackerel sushi - Sanma and Kibinago

Sushi eating tips I learned from Mr. Yasuda

Sushi Yasuda is hands down, the best sushi experience I have ever had. It’s probable that this is because I have yet to visit Ja. Read more