Cool Shop Find: Alex Eagle Studio London

Alex Eagle’s eponymous studio store in London’s SoHo offers additions to all aspects of a shopper’s life, edited under the discerning eye of creative director Alex Eagle. This store offers shoppers a curated selection that goes far beyond fashion, with objects to compliment any sophisticated home, art or music collection. Shoppers can browse through racks of high-end fashion brands such as Lemaire, NU Swim, as well as Eagle’s own fashion line and collaborations with Maison Labiche and New & Lingwood. Alex Eagle Studio is also home to tasteful homewares designed by The Salt Range, Tortus Copenhagen, Castor Design, and select emerging design studios like .Feldspar.

A luxurious and inviting space, styled with a polished elegance paired with rustic edges and a touch of quirkiness, Alex Eagle feels like an open home, a boutique, and a gallery meshed into one.

The studio-slash-store also hosts a spacious private event venue, a luxe lower ground furniture gallery, and an exclusive corner for all things health and beauty. Alex Eagle Studio is paving the way for a new future in retail that values experience, giving visitors a space to be inspired and to feel at home in. 

Alex Eagle London
6-10 Lexington Street
London W1F 0LB

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(Feature photo via WSJ, all other photos courtesy of Alex Eagle London)

Emily Tang | Melting Butter ContributorEmily is Melting Butter’s new editorial and experiential events intern. She grew up in Shanghai and now lives in New York City, pursuing a Media, Culture, and Communications degree, on paper and in life.





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