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Cafe Find: Silo Brighton

As something of a trailblazer in the zero waste arena, Silo, in Brighton’s North Laines, is a flagship for serving ingredients that have been grown or produced with the kind of stand-up morals usually reserved for campaigning politicians. It’s a restaurant/bakery/coffee house that genuinely cares about the food we throw away and the environment we clutter; about what we put in our bodies, the purity of process, and respecting the natural life-cycle of everything we eat. Basically, you cut Silo and it bleeds integrity.

Naturally this is nose-to-tail dining, but without the fear factor that usually arrives when you’re confronted with a plate of offal. The menu is simple, understated and passionately local and the interior reflects the raw transparency of the restaurant’s approach to dining. Liberal use of OSB and stainless steel creates that utilitarian aesthetic, and the space is dotted with the kind of kit and hardware that it takes to mill your own flour, compost your own vegetables and churn your own butter. Silo is very clearly the kind of restaurant that wears its’ principles on its’ sleeves. So be assured that you can eat with the kind of clear conscience a politician can only ever dream of.

Silo Brighton
39 Upper Gardner Street
Brighton BN1 4AN
+44 (0)1273 674259

Silo Brighton - Cafe Hotspot Silo Brighton - Cafe Hotspot Silo Brighton - Cafe Hotspot

Catrin Davies | Melting Butter ContributorCatrin is a trend analyst, editor and mother-of-one, who is constantly weighing up the city or country debate – with her feet firmly planted in the soil of rural Wales and her head swimming with the lure of neon lights and 24-hour cocktails. She is a trend forecaster who regularly writes for WGSN, traveling the globe to uncover design, hospitality and food industry trends. She also writes about contemporary art for the likes of ThisIsTomorrow, Twin and HungerTV.

(Images courtesy of Silo Brighton)

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