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Café Find: Dudleys NYC

I used to think Dudleys was just another long wait on a Sunday morning for an avo toast, flat white, and kale caesar with optional fried egg on top, but after numerous visits for numerous occasions I’ve realized that saying Dudleys is only good for brunch is a lot like saying New York is only good for bagels. It’s still good for that, but there’s way, way more worth discovering.

The incredible thing about Dudleys is its ability to be the perfect restaurant for nearly any occasion. It’s true that Dudleys does a nearly perfect avocado toast and allows you to add egg or avocado to nearly any dish, and when you’re looking for these staples, look no further. They do these things well and better than most.

Just don’t overlook Dudleys when you’re meeting a date for a drink, looking for a hearty dinner, or needing to please a carnivorous friend and vegan friend at the same time, because that’s when Dudleys really shines. And it would be a shame to miss out on their perfectly cooked burgers, seasonal veggie side dishes, and impeccably stirred old fashioneds simply because you thought it was only good for brunch.


Dudleys NYC
85 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002
(212) 925-7355

Dudleys NYC - meltingbutter.com Cafe Hotspot

Dudleys NYC - meltingbutter.com Cafe Hotspot

Dudleys NYC - meltingbutter.com Cafe Hotspot

DanaDeLaskiDana is originally from Washington, DC, is now based in NYC, but is most excited when she’s traveling. She’s a street-food obsessed food and travel writer who spends her free time watching Anthony Bourdain reruns and exploring the nooks and crannies of her NYC neighborhood, Chinatown. Her heart is torn between Paris, the Greek Islands, Japan, and Penang, so her dream last supper would look something like a four course meal of sashimi, laksa, fresh grilled octopus, and a heaping plate of gooey French cheese.

(All photos courtesy of Dudleys NYC)

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