Guesthouse Find: The Lisboans Lisbon

The Lisboans - Guesthouse Find

Lisbon is incredibly proud of its canned goods industry, so a rundown ex-canning factory was perhaps the perfect site to transform into a stunning new guesthouse. Welcome to The Lisboans – a dreamy respite of 15 boutique apartments, its industrial architecture still beautifully intact and even the tiniest details considered and polished. From the Crosley record […]

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Boutique Hotel Find: Artist Residence Brighton

Behind a refined 19th-century façade on Brighton’s upmarket Regency Square, you’ll find a hotel that proves you really can’t judge a book by its cover: despite the staid frontage, Artist Residence Brighton couldn’t be any quirkier if it tried. With two restaurants, a cocktail bar, a ping-pong room and street art making statement wall features […]

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Restaurant Find: Chiltern Firehouse London

Chiltern Firehouse London - Restaurant Hotspot

André Balazs’ Chiltern Firehouse London opened a couple of years back and the furore surrounding this former fire station in Marylebone has yet to cease. As the latest offering from the mogul behind oh-so-glam Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and The Mercer hotel in New York, the Firehouse hotel and restaurant was set for success.  The […]

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Magazine Café Find: Kioskafé London

Kioskafé combines three great things well: coffee, magazines, and great design. It’s from the team behind Monocle, the intellectual lifestyle magazine, and equally standout Monocle Cafe in Marylebone (which explains the en pointe branding and overall aesthetic of Kioskafé). Like Monocle Café, Kioskafé has a candy-striped awning, certainly a celebration of all things print. The […]

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Restaurant Find: OPSO London

OPSO London - Restaurant Hotspot

When the translation of a restaurant’s name is “a delectable morsel of food”, it sets your hopes pretty high. Enter OPSO, and its menu of award-winning cocktails and updated Greek classics that are designed to share. And to confirm: Yes, this Marylebone restaurant thankfully blows the translation of its name out of the water. The […]

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Café Find: Satan’s Coffee Corner Barcelona

Satan's Coffee Corner Barcelona - Cafe Hotspot

Satan’s Coffee Corner becomes all the more desirable thanks to its clandestine location. Get ready to meander the back alleys of El Barri Gòtic – into the depths of the urban warren, where no tourists stray (thankfully!). And just as you think you’ve hit a dead end, you might be lucky enough to stumble upon […]

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Design Hotel Find: Town Hall Hotel London

Town Hall Hotel London | Design Hotel Hotspot

Perfectly melding the architectural splendour of a beautiful original building, with Art Deco additions and iconic décor design icons, Bethnal Green’s Town Hall Hotel is my favourite overnight interior to date – it’s a serving of utmost comfort with a generous side of sky-high style. A famous filming location, the hotel also boasts multiple event […]

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Cocktail Bar Find: Sel Rrose NYC

Sel Rrose NYC | Cocktail Hotspot

A stunning amalgamation of early 20th century Parisian style and “demolition chic”, Sel Rrose on Bowery is inspired by artist Marcel Duchamp (or Rrose Sélavy, his feminine alter ego!) in its name, décor and even its cocktails. Smooth navy leather furniture and marble-topped tables complement the distressed walls and Duchamp-inspired décor touches – industrial elements […]

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Café Find: Monocle Café London

Monocle Cafe London | Cafe Hotspot

The Monocle Café in Marylebone epitomises everything Monocle magazine stands for: clean design, good taste, a considered aesthetic, and totally hipster! The menu is concise and communicated in pictures on the wall of the café – everything looks mouthwatering, so you may have a hard time deciding between the salads and sandwiches on offer. Served […]

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Secret Restaurant Find: Back in 5 Minutes London

Back in 5 Minutes London | Restaurant Hotspot

Some might say it was foolish to open a restaurant hidden behind a trendy Brick Lane fashion store – if passers-by don’t know you’re there, how will you ever tempt them in to taste your wares? Back In 5 Minutes has reverted to old school tactics and is an exemplary lesson for restaurants the world […]

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